Custom Fibre Hydra Cables

Servicepower specialise in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of multi core custom fibre hydra cable in both single mode and multi mode variations.

Our In-house manufacturing facilities allow us to provide our customers with high quality custom solutions to meet their exact specifications and requirements.

All cables are manufactured and tested in house and full test results are recorded and stored as standard as part of our quality management system.


Cables can be provided in a wide range of formats –


Breakout Hydras Cables – Up to 24 way fibre breakout cables terminated to your specification providing a durable and robust solution suitable for a wide range of applications.

Distribution Hydra Cables – A lower Profile than a breakout cable with up to 24 fibre tails.

Flexible Conduit Hydra Assemblies – Up to 48 way fibre assembly with the option to include copper cables within the conduit run. These can be manufactured in plastic or plastic-coated steel conduit in 8mm, 10mm, standard 20mm, 25mm or 50mm varieties. We can also provide these in 5mm or 8mm ID mini-steel conduit.


Below is a variety of different hydra solutions we offer, or have offered in the past. External-grade and Mil-Spec cables are available and we’re can also combine other fibre options with the hydras, for example bendy boots or uniboot options. Please call our sales team on 01274 207500 for more details.