Cable assemblies

Custom Panels & Power Distribution Rails

Servicepower hold a wide range of standard off the shelf distribution panels and rails suitable for a range of applications.

We supply and manufacture custom cabinet panels and power distribution rails designed and tailor made for specific customer requirements.

Our in-house manufacturing allows us to produce custom metalwork, cable assemblies and produce custom built distribution rails and panels for both power and transmission applications.


Custom Fibre Panel

ChaniaOur most recent custom designed panel is a 48way E2000/APC splitter panel using 3d printed internals for ease of use and identification of the 900uM fibre.




Custom Cabinet Panels

custom panels | 19" panel | Etsi Panel | cabinet distribution panel | 3u panelServicepower support a wide range of commonly used 19” and ETSI cabinet panels and rails.
We also produce unique custom panels to provide customers with the exact presentation format required.
Custom panels can be designed to your exact specifications – size, shape and mixed presentation formats can be provided to optimise use of cabinet space and improve connectivity.




DDF Panels

custom panels | 3u DDF | 19" DDF | Blue DDF panelWe hold a range of 19” DDF panels that can be supplied unpopulated or pre-assembled. Fitted with DDF blocks, Krone Blocks or a mixture.

We can also manufacture and supply custom blocks that can be fitted to allow presentation and use of non DDF connectors such as D-types, BNC, Rj45s and Baluns.





Distribution Rails & Panels

custom panels | fuse rail | mcb rail | 19" power rail | ETSI power rail

Servicepower supply and manufacture custom made MCB and fuse distribution rails.
From a simple din rail panel to a complete power distribution rail built to your specification, Servicepower can assist.

Our complete fully populated distribution rails save on-site installation time and provide a complete solution that can be fitted in minutes.





Legacy Product Support

custom panels |19" rails | ETSI rails | 19" brackets | ETSI bracketsWe receive an increasing number of requests from our customers for panels, brackets, mounting rails and distribution panels that are now obsolete and no longer supported.

With our in house design and manufacturing capabilities Servicepower can provide a compatible product to provide installation consistency and maintain on site standards




Pre-cabled Distribution Panels

custom panels | 19" panel | ETSI panel | cable assemblyServicepower can provided a complete distribution panel supplied with pre-terminated cables assemblies ready for use.

This ‘plug and play’ system simplifies new installations, makes upgrades easy with add-on units, saves time on-site and alleviates the need for costly tooling.





Custom Build Service & Installation Kits

custom panels | installation kit | installation related materials | telecoms instalation materialsServicepower provide a kitting service for custom builds and Installation materials.

We can provide custom panels, brackets and power distribution combined with all the associated cables, connectors and installation related materials supplied and delivered in a complete ready for installation kit.

This service is ideal for project rollouts as it ensures that there are no shortages, saves time on site and helps project planning.