Cable assemblies

Fibre Optic Patchcords

Servicepower specialise in the supply and manufacture of a wide range of fibre optic patchcords.

We can provide custom length patchcords, utilising both single mode and multimode cables (OM1/OM2/OM3) in simplex and duplex formats.

Example Fibre Optic Patchcords

Fibre optic Patchcord | E2000-E2000APC SIMPLEX patchcord | single mode patch cord | fi

Simplex Singlemode Patchcord

Fibre Optic Patchcord | LCAPC to SC DUPLEX Patchcord | singlemode patchcord | singlemode patch cord

Duplex Singlemode Patchcord

Fibre Optic Patchcord | LC-ST/PC M/M 62.5/125 Patchcord | multimode patchcord | multimode patch cord

Multimode OM1 Patchcord

fibre optic patchcord |LC-LC M/M 50/125 OM3 multimode patchcord| multimode patchcord | multimode patch cord

Multimode OM3 Patchcord

Our In-house manufacturing facilities allow us to provide our customers with high quality custom solutions to meet their exact specifications and requirement

We also provide custom cables for specialist applications/environments

      Armoured cable assemblies

      External Cable assemblies suitable for FTTH applications

Fibre Optic Patchcords | Armoured Fibre Patchcord | Armoured Fibre Patch cord | Custom Fibre Patchcord | Custom Fibre Patch cord

FC/PC Armoured Patchcord

Fibre Optic PatchCord | External fibre Patchcord | External fibre Patch cord | FTTA | fibre to the antenna

External cable assembly with IP68 connector

Below are our range of supported connector types

fibre optic patchcords | sc/pc patchcord | sc/pc patch cord | scpc patchcord | scpc patch cord


fibre optic patchcords | sc/apc patchcord | sc/apc patch cord | scapc patchcord | scapc patch cord


fibre optic patchcords | lc patchcord | lc patch cord | lc patchcord | lc patch cord


fibre optic patchcords | lc/apc patchcord | lc/apc patch cord | lcapc patchcord | lcapc patch cord



fibre optic patchcords | E2000/APC patchcord | E2000/APC patch cord | E2000APC patchcord | E2000APC patch cord


fibre optic patchcords | MU patchcord | MU patch cord | MU patchcord | MU patch cord


fibre optic patchcords | FC/PC patchcord | FC/PC patch cord | FCPC patchcord | FCPC patch cord


fibre optic patchcords | FC/APC patchcord | FC/APC patch cord | FCAPC patchcord | FCAPC patch cord


fibre optic patchcords | ST patchcord | ST patch cord | ST patchcord | ST patch cord


fibre optic patchcords | ST/APC patchcord | ST/APC patch cord | STAPC patchcord | STAPC patch cord


tap 8 fibre | tap8 fibre |fibre optic patchcords | tap8 patchcord | tap8 patch cord | tap 8 patchcord | tap 8 patch cord