Cable assemblies

Custom Multicore Copper Cable Assemblies

Servicepower specialise in the manufacture of custom cable solutions. We have manufactured custom cable assemblies for over 20 years and hold wiring schedules for over 10,000 cable assemblies.

All cables are individually 100% tested as a requirement of our quality management system. In addition we can tailor our test parameters to meet your precise needs.

Servicepower’s in house manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide our customers with high quality custom cable solutions to meet their exact specification and requirements.

Our custom cable solutions can include a mixture or connector types to allow connection between different interfaces. We also supply standard protocol cables (X.21, V.24, V35, RS232, RS449 etc) for Data Comms applications.

Example Products

Eicon V35 Cable | Cable Assemblies | v35 cable

Eicon V35 Cables

BT226 Cables | cable assemblies | dslam cable | Msan cable

BT226 Cables

Custom Cicso cables | cable assemblies | cisco cables

Custom Cisco Cables

Telco Straight Cables | cable assemblies

Telco Straight Cables

Cisco SS 232 FC Cables | cable assemblies | cisco cables

Cisco SS 232FC Cables

V35 Cable

V35 Cables

D-Type Cables | cable aseemblies | x21 cables | RS232 cables

D-Type Cables

Custom Terminated Panels | custom patch panels

Custom Terminated Panels