Cable assemblies

Custom Fibre Optics

Servicepower specialise in the manufacture of  custom fibre optic patchcords, hydra cables and assemblies.

Our UK manufacturing facility supports one of the widest ranges of connector termination types allowing us to produce wide range of high quality, fully tested optical solutions.

Servicepower’s bespoke manufacturing services provide a quick turn-around and a high quality product manufactured to your exact specification.

Custom Fibre Hydra Cable Solutions

S48w fibre hydra breakouts | custom fibre | fibre hydra | fibre optic hydra | custom hydra cable | hydra cable | hydra cable assemblies | hydra cable assemblyervicepower manufacture Hydra cable solutions for a wide range of network operators and fibre optic product suppliers

We produce a range of Hydra cables, Distribution cables and Breakout cables in both Singlemode and Multimode formats.

Each product can be  configured to meet your exact on-site requirements.




Custom Fibre Optic Patchcords

custom fibre | fibre patch cords | fibre patchcords | fibre optic cablesOur in-house fibre manufacturing facility allows us to provide a truly custom solution.

Fibre patchcords can be quickly produced to meet your exact specifications – length, cable type and connectors can all be tailored to meet you exact requirements.

All patchcords are inspected and fully tested as part of our in house quality control systems.




Fibre Optic Connector Re-termination Services

custom fibre | fibre connector | fibre termination | fibre connector terminationHave a piece of test equipment with a faulty connector?

Servicepower can help.

We provide a connector re-termination service that is used by a number of optical equipment manufactures and test equipment suppliers to provide a reliable high quality termination avoiding the expense of equipment replacement.




Optical Re-working & Testing Services

custom fibre | fibre cable testing | fibre patchcord testing | fibre inspectionServicepower offer a test and re-work service for optical cables and connectors.

Cables and connectors are fully inspected, tested and re-terminated if required and the whole product re-validated as part of the service.




Armoured Patchcords & External Patchcords

FC-FC steel armoured | custom fibre | armoured fibre | FTTA cable | external fibre patchcord | armoured fibre patchcord | armoured fibre patc cord

We manufacture a number of armoured and external patchcord solutions for our customers.

These cables are suitable for specialist applications such as harsh environments and external use such as FTTA (Fibre to the Antenna).

See more of our fibre is mini-conduit / armour




Flexible Conduit Cable Assembly Service

custom fibre | conduit service | kopex service | protected fibreThis popular service provides fibre patchcords pre-installed within flexible conduit saving time and making on-site installation much easier.

Provide us with the details of the type and length of patchcord required and we will do the rest.

You will receive a fully tested optical assembly pre-run in flexible conduit ready for installation.

Available in plastic conduit or plastic coated steel conduit.