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Servicepower holds more than 10,000 cable specifications on file and 7000+ different stock lines of high quality cable and connector types.

We have complete traceability for every cable manufactured, right down to what colour wire was used on pin 11 of DCX-NTU cable supplied 2/9/1991. (Green!)
Robust quality systems were in place from the outset, verified by 20 years of BS5750 & ISO9000 accreditation and affirmed by our repeat customers.

Cables are individually 100% tested as a requirement of our in-house quality  procedures. In addition we can tailor our test parameters to meet your precise needs.

Take Singlemode fibre optic terminations for example:
Every termination is inspected and tested, labelled with a serial number which matches up to a database logging the Insertion Loss & Return Loss results at 1310nm and 1550nm. Normal production complies with Telecordia GR-326 CORE iss.4. More stringent performance can be achieved if required (IL 0.1dB typical, 0.2dB max with RL > neg. 65dB)
Polishing procedures are determined using in-house Interferometry data for optimum optical performance.

We can provide end-face geometry results for customers’ own cables if requested.

For critical applications when complete assurance is essential, Servicepower provides a fast, reliable service hence excellence awards.

World Class Manufacturing Award

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