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OM5 Multimode Fibre

Today we are looking at OM5 multimode fibre, a cutting-edge development in the realm of optical fibre technology. OM5, also known as wideband multimode fibre, is a significant advancement over its predecessors. It delivers enhanced performance and versatility, and what’s more, it’s fully compatible with OM4, whilst reducing fibre count […]

polarisation maintaining fibre

Polarisation Maintaining Fibre

As a fibre-optic cable manufacturing house, Servicepower are always looking into new areas of development. One of these areas is the manufacture of Polarisation Maintaining fibre patch cords, pigtails and connectorisation of devices. Our most often used PM fibre uses PANDA fibre and FC/APC connectors but we are looking to […]

Website Upgrade

You might have noticed that over the last few months we’ve been updating our website! We’ve now included an online shop and custom product information, ranging from Baluns and panels to custom copper and fibre / hydra cables. We will continue to put more items on the online store as […]

Quality Control

Keeping you up to date with the latest products and services… Fibre breakout/loom cables,  Servicepower manufactures fibre and copper hybrid looms or harnesses terminated with our full range of connectors, ferrules or devices. Looms are always assembled to high standards of tolerance to ensure no cable excess during final installation. […]