Cable assemblies

Fibre Repolishing / Retermination Service

Over time optical fibre end faces can become contaminated with a resulting degradation in performance and accuracy of measuring equipment. In particular test cables which are repeatedly mated and unmated suffer from physical damage.

A regular routine of cleaning will remove contamination but not the potential pitting and scratches which can accumulate.

Servicepower offers a maintenance service which supports testing, fault appraisal and repolishing / retermination service where necessary of your optical fibre equipment. We can reterminate all of the standard fibre types for OTDRs, cables, test leads, adapter leads, launch leads, etc on 900um fibre, standard simplex and duplex cables up to multicore distribution and breakout hydra cables.

Each item would need to be inspected before a decision is made on whether just repolishing or full retermination is required on a fibre connector. Please call our sales team for more details on how to get your devices and cables to us and costs for this repolishing / retermination service.

Below are examples of a metal ferrule connector that required repolishing, and the results.